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We are frequently asked questions on the installation of  CCTV systems, the most asked question is how much??

Of course this depends on the number of cameras that are required, the

type of cameras used and the length of time play back from your system is required, and on current prices would be as shown .

Remember that a CCTV is a deterrent, and shows you what has happened and what is currently happening at your property. It does not prevent a crime, but can deter criminals

A residential CCTV system with 4 cameras,  Digital Video Recording for up to 7 days reviewing, all labour and cabling could start at £700 + vat depending on the type of cameras used.

A high definition system utilizing a High Definition PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) camera would start at 1550.00 + vat

A system using ANPR, (automatic Number Plate Recognition) in the region of £1600.00 + vat

Commercial CCTV systems may also require Towers, Motion detectors, Speakers ( for a remote monitoring centre to notify the persons with in view that the system is monitored), and an amplifier.

This shows the diversity of CCTV systems, and all systems can usually  be viewed from a smart phone, a  monitor or computer screen

CCTV systems are not usually recommended instead of an Intruder Alarm system, but should be used in addition to, always check what any insurance company requires.

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